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Screen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. ... One color is printed at a time, so severalscreens can be used to produce a multicoloured image or design


Uncle sele Brings you various size of Screen printing Mesh and its usage:

The available types of Mesha are commonly Two:

1. Polyster 

2. Nylon

Mesh count Type+size and it use

   Type:       Usage                       Mesh Count size         Price Ranges         Quality Deifference


   Polyster   Stationary Items                 120 Polyster         Very Expensice             Perfect & Sharp Result

   Polster    Garments                             72 Polyster             Expensiive               Perfect & Sharp Result

   Nylon       Light Colored Garments       18 Nylon           Normal                    Satisfying Result


  Nylon       Black Colored Garments       16 Nylon          Cheap                        Its OK

  Nylon       Stationary Items                    120 Nylon        Expensive                  Perfect


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Inks & Solutions

There are several inks used when it comes to screen printing.

So far we have many inks but i will mention some of them

1. Plasticsol Inks : Mostly used for Garments printing and they are cured by Heatpress Machine

2. PVC & Mate Inks: mostly for stationary items pens, rubber, lighters, .... No cure is need i.e   no heat need its ink dries fast.

3. PVC Balloon Inks: Suitable for balloons.

4. Silicon Inks + Hardner: Rubbery surfaces ..swimming caps..nylon bags .hand wrist rubber etc. its to be cured (must) . Recommende Mesh 120 Polyster

5. Glass / Ceremic Inks: Suitable for Glass and acrylic hardsurfaces. To be cured 120C Heat.

6. Holographic gold and silver inks.

We do have Solution for Inks and Screenprint Preparation process.

1. Sensitizer + Emulsion (PinkNot)

2. Shebro DP Text: Ready mixed Emulsion.

3. Reducer: to dilute inks i.e if its heavy difficult penetrating in the mest thus avoid rough prints.

4. Aceton

5. Degreasing agents

6. Decoating salts.

7. and many more... visit us for more.


1. G-Clam tool

2. Ink spreading knife.

3. Squeegees. 

4. Clamp plier to tighten the mesh.

5. Sponj for cleaning .

6. Heat dryers.

7. Squeegees rubber.

8. Glue for mesh sticking.



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